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ERP For Electronics and High Tech Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing Service provider’s biggest and most important challenge is managing the component sourcing. If done right, it makes the operations smooth and profitable. If done less efficiently, it will increase the cost of operations and the cost of production. Apart from component sourcing, managing inventory of hundreds of thousands of different components is also the key factor in the efficiently-run manufacturing process.

Sparrow ERP’s innovative sourcing solutions enable you to complete component sourcing activities in minutes instead of hours and days. Sparrow ERP already comes connected with supplier and distributor systems. In a single click, you can fetch prices from different suppliers with stock availability. The system’s smart algorithm decides the best prices based on price and availability (by comparing it with your Bill of Material).

The smart inventory system can manage inventory at different physical and virtual locations. Sparrow ERP also has provision to manage inventory for a specific customer (stock sourced for a specific customer) or supplied by a specific customer. When you import your Bill of Material (BoM), the system automatically detects if a component is supplied by the customer or it is to be sourced by the assembler. Based on the data, the system automatically creates a purchase plan and customer supplied component receipts.

Our software solution offers all the applications you need to run an agile, more efficient manufacturing operations.

From Sales, CRM, Inventory management, to Purchasing, Planning, Manufacturing, Logistics to Invoicing, every application you need is right at your fingertips.

Our software is engineered in a way that it can be easily customized to suit your specific business scenario or process.

A modern easy to use interface makes the software very intuitive to use. Open API based architecture makes our software easy to integrate with any third-party software or application.

Sparrow ERP is available in three configuration as described below.

Sparrow Cloud

Dedicated Cloud


(or your own cloud server)

  • Easy start – no installation or setup
  • All standard modules
  • Limited customization
  • Regular software updates.
  • Daily backup.
  • Email support
  • Dedicated server
  • All standard modules with 100% customization scope
  • Installation and setup time depends on customization
  • Your own company domain
  • Regular software updates.
  • Daily backup.
  • Email and Chat support
  • On your own server and premise.
  • All standard modules with 100% customization scope
  • Installation* and setup time depends on customization
  • On your own private network and security
  • Email and Chat support

Monthly subscription. Billed annually upfront.

Taxes if applicable.


Monthly subscription fee. Billed Annually upfront.

Customization cost extra. Taxes if applicable.


One time license fee.

Customization cost extra. Taxes if applicable.


Dedicated Cloud and On-premise deployment options includes customization according to your own business flow and requirements. Total cost of customization is determined only after evaluating your requirements in detail. 

General cost of customization is charged per programmer day (8 hours).

Setup and Installation

In case of On-premise option, if our team travels to your location for installation and setup of software then cost of travelling and stay shall be borne by invitation party. 

Special Training or On-site support

We provide special on-site training and support depending on availability of resources. Cost of travelling and stay shall be borne by invitation party in addition of cost of training and support.

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