Sparrow ERP Highlights

  • Trading B2B/B2C support for handling all scenarios.
  • Integrated e-commerce solution and possibilities to integrate with other systems.
  • Solid notification features to keep a close watch on progress.
  • Powerful product management and configuration is necessary to organize product information.
  • Inventory is absolutely critical in managing the order flor and shipment commitment.
  • Easy yet comprehensive order processing flow.
  • Powerful sourcing tools with supplier management to keep stock level optimum.
  • Logistics & Invoicing.

Trading – B2B/B2C

An integrated ERP like Sparrow comes equipped with an e-commerce module. That means you have a single system that is presented to customers publicly to handle e-commerce trade. This makes a huge difference compared to operating a separate e-commerce platform; because an integrated solution is much easier to operate and information flow is seamless.

B2B business requires that there are strong functionalities to handle order inflow from various sourcing. CRM, sales inquiry, quotation, and ordering management needs to be well designed. There have to be robust import/export features to process data. We have designed Sparrow keeping this in mind.

Integration possibilities

Sparrow’s architecture is made anticipating that integration with third-party applications and systems would be inevitable in today’s environment. Almost all modules in Sparrow can be integrated via XML or JSON data APIs with other systems. This ability makes the entire platform very flexible and highly adaptable.


An e-commerce system interfaces with outside customers and partners, scenarios like these expect that customers and partners are notified as soon as an important event occurs in the system that is related to them. Sparrow has a strong and scalable notification system that can deal with internal and external messaging via email or other means.

Product management and configuration

A modern ERP system needs to have a flexible product management system that can handle various categories and products with complex features and attributes.

Sparrow has a product management module that allows us to handle a product with various formats via its dynamic attributes.

One of the most powerful features of Sparrow’s product management is its ability to mass import products from a spreadsheet with attributes and images.

Not only this, there are various other features also like documents, images, text related to products that can be easily managed.

Inventory management

Sparrow has a powerful inventory system that keeps track of every movement of the stocked items. With the help of re-order level settings in products, the automatic notification can be generated if the stock goes down below a certain level. Real-time stock level is maintained so that the sales team can never go wrong while accepting new orders.

There are various methods by which stock can be replenished and Sparrow’s inventory system covers them all.

Order management

Once a customer has placed the order, it is important that the back office team has tools to manage them efficiently. Sparrow’s sales module has the functionality to easily manage orders of the various life cycle. Inquiry and quotation modules allow users to easily import and export data from a spreadsheet to quickly process them.


One or multiple Purchase Orders (POs) can be raised to suppliers. They can all be linked together with a Sales order and material received can be exclusively kept for a specific sale order in Sparrow.

When the supplier sends the material, one or multiple receipts can be generated and Sparrow keeps track of the status of each item quantity until it is fully received. Each item received is serialized either by Lot or Unit. Barcode or QR code labels can be generated and the Inventory system in Sparrow keeps track of the stock movement of each item.

Logistics and Invoicing

One of the important aspects of a trading business is to effectively handle shipment on demand and manage returns. In Sparrow partial shipment allows you to handle the shipment of items as and when the customer wants it out of his total ordered material. The handling of returns is also easy to manage. By the click of a single button on shipment a return can be generated.

Invoicing can be managed for partial or full advanced payment orders, the system automatically generates a proforma invoice and notifies customer for payment as soon as the sales order is confirmed. A simple and easy payment registration system allows to you keep track of customer payments from various modes.

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