Assembly Manufacturing Calendar Planning

Planning of work always comes up with good results. Orders that are in reserve should represent well with planning. The calendar is evidently the best option to represent all the work systematically. So we come up with a solution to plan manufacturing orders by their shipment date in an organized caledear view.
We can see all the orders with shipment dates and past & future orders with status. All the orders are uniquely identified with the MO (i.e. Manufacturing Order) number and added with priority number in descending order means the largest number shows high priority. For example order number MO8180 (95). It helps to manage the multiple orders. This is the basic idea for Assembly Manufacturing Calendar planning.

We can see in the above example that Order number MO8180 (95) in this MO8180 unique manufacturing order number and (95) is the priority number of that particular order. It indicates that order has a high priority which helps to work in a standardized manner.

This module will load all the manufacturing orders by their shipment dates in a calendar format as alike month, week and day mode. As the user can go forward in month or backward in a month and likewise with week and day mode also.
Manufacturing is an important and basic step for the production of the order. Every order has its steps for the production process. All steps are important and necessary for a particular order’s production. Orders cannot go for the next phase until every step should be complete.
We manifest calendar with our manufacturing orders’ shipment date wise it provides the overall condition of orders with different specification. All features are user-friendly. Provide better visualization and the user gets the idea about the order status.

The main purpose of this module is to identify the manufacturing orders with their priorities. The order with no priority number indicates that it is not yet came into planning. Users will get an idea of their order status by colors. The calendar lists the orders with the shipment date and user can view in monthly, weekly and daily mode with their current status. All the orders have some color indications with different categories. Colors’ indication is very useful and user-friendly. It strikes the user’s mind to envision the data speedy and well.

In this Assembly manufacturing calendar there is three colors sign available as Orange, Green and Blue.

  • Orange colour indicates that the manufacturing order’s pre-production activity is pending. Now why the order is pending we can figure out this by opening the dialog box of detail order specification. Till the order need some specifications as the time it fulfills then it will go in the ready to production state otherwise it remains in the same state.
  • Green colour indicates that manufacturing orders are in Ready for Production state. This means all the pre-production activities are done but order so far not move in the production state then it remains in ready to production state. Now we can move the orders in the production phase.
  • Blue Colour designate as manufacturing orders are in the production phase. All the order’s pre-production activities are done now the order is in the production phase and soon complete the manufacturing of orders.

This interface comes up with the feature to move the orders from one day to another day correspondingly to week and month by doing drag & drop of any particular order.

As order dragged & dropped then it reflects directly to the shipment date. Priorities of orders will recalculate according to date of shipment and it re-prioritizes.

As we know when orders are shown in orange colors means some pre-production activities are pending. You can click on a particular order then the dialog box will open.

In the dialog, box user can go through that which type of pre-production activities is pending. For instance sourcing activity or preparation activity. The sourcing segment includes component sourcing and raw material sourcing.

  • Component sourcing specifies that in Assembly PCB the components are missing. Till the components are missing the order will not go into ready to production state. However order has high priority.
  • Raw material sourcing specifies that there may be some raw materials are missing. To complete the pre-production state it is compulsory to provide the raw material with their standardized manners.
  • The preparation module or engineering activities are also significant. It should be complete in such a manner.

This is the idea for Assembly manufacturing calendar panning to visualize order status. Users get the idea from this module that Order has high priority still the job cannot be started yet. The dialog box gives the detail for order status with its priority. Quick actions will take to resolve it soon for orders.